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Rockin’ for the RE Store

Of revelry and raffling

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

When the fine minds that steward the RE Store came up with an idea last year to throw a big—really big—benefit to raise money for their Community Jobs Training Program, they had no idea whether theirs was a party the public would embrace.

After all, the RE Store is in the business of building community—literally and figuratively—which doesn’t leave them with much time for party planning.

But they need not have worried. As it so often does, Bellingham exhibited a perfect…

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Smoking Crow

Crazy Rich Asians

When escapism fills the bill

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In library school (yes, there’s such a thing, it’s a master’s program in Library and Information Science that trains professional librarians) students learn Rosenberg’s First Law of Reading: “Never apologize for your reading taste.”

So there’s no need to feel embarrassed if you occasionally (or regularly) get sucked into reading something lowbrow. Reading can be recreational, after all, and why not have fun? Crazy Rich Asians, which came out in 2013, is Kevin Kwan’s…

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Chicken Math

The fowl factor

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Last weekend, I found myself standing in a poultry barn on a small family farm on Kelly Road checking out a pair of year-old speckled Sussex hens my boyfriend and I had come to purchase.

Trust me when I say that when you’re addicted to the taste and vastly superior nutritional value of free range eggs and the simple joy that comes from watching feathered dinosaurs roam the lawn in search of grass and grubs, this is a viable way to spend a Saturday morning.

My manfriend and I…

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On Stage


Sylvia Center makes its mark

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

During the late-night showing of iDiOM Theater’s 48th iteration of its popular 48-Hour Theater Festival last Friday, there was a moment I was convinced I had gone back in time.

In addition to featuring familiar faces from the theater’s 16-year history, the evening’s performances were also the first in the Sylvia Center for the Arts’ recently completed Lucas Hicks Theater. And, like me, those who frequented iDiOM’s former digs on Cornwall Avenue probably couldn’t help but notice the…

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Let the Sunshine In

Juliette Binoche seeks a soulmate

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The movie is called Let the Sunshine In, but don’t think about the title. It has nothing to do with this Claire Denis film, and no one ever uses those words over the course of the movie. The French title—Un beau soleil interieur (a beautiful inner sun)—is more in the right spirit. It’s a deep and moving investigation into one woman’s inner struggle as she goes about looking for true love.

A mix of comedy and drama, Let the Sunshine In has an ironic, self-knowing quality that at…

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Ride On

Biking to work, and beyond

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fair-weather bicyclists and hardcore spokespeople are likely rejoicing at upcoming weather forecasts for the region—which mostly call for sun for the foreseeable future. If the warmer temps have you looking for excuses to don a helmet and hit the road, read on.

Bike to Work and School Day is a natural fit to kick off riding season, and this year’s events taking place from 6:30-10am Fri., May 18 at a couple dozen “celebration stations” located throughout Bellingham promise to make…

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Two Takes

The cutting edge

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Work by two prominent artists this month, Sheila Klein and Katherine Wesselman, appear very different but share a congruence in conception and execution. Each brings back something from a foreign clime, transforming it into a novel work of art—Wesselman by subtraction, Klein by accretion.

For an exhibit at the Perry and Carlson Gallery in Mount Vernon, Wesselman photoshopped images from a European trip and printed them as brisk, minimalist abstractions. Reviewers have commented that…

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Kinder Morgan Spur

The next target for tar sands oil: Is it us?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Could the alternative route for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline be our hometown? I know, it sounded crazy to me too when I first heard about it. But if oil behemoth Kinder Morgan has its way, that’s exactly what we’re now facing.

The City of Burnaby has applied to the Supreme Court of Canada to appeal the construction of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project after lower courts and the National Energy Board rejected its challenge. If that community and the…

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Best of Skagit
Best Tulip Farm


It’s tulip time, and the fields are alive with the light and color of spring. The word’s out, and this spectacular time in the Skagit Valley is no longer a secret.

But Skagit still holds a lot of secrets—mist-shrouded valleys, swollen and mighty rivers, and frosty high country thick with dark pines and devil’s club. And there are the hidey holes—the hamlets sprinkled along old forgotten highways, the winding sloughs and channels of the fertile delta, and the coast beyond—dotted with islands pungent from salt and rain. There are the bars and diners and coffeehouses, the playgrounds and trails. And there are the people who fill them, hearty and happy. And though our readers revealed some of these secrets, Skagit remains a treasure undiscovered.

Entries by Tim Johnson, Amy Kepferle, Carey Ross, Stephanie Young, and Trail Rat
Photos by Jessamyn Tuttle and Andy Porter

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The Gristle
Heating Up

HEATING UP: In what’s become an annual spring tradition—much like the filing for public office—another shattering milestone was achieved, with carbon dioxide readings in excess of 410 parts per million recorded this week at NOAA’s monitoring station in the Pacific. Carbon dioxide…

Alan Rhodes
Midnight Musings

Being a tormented artistic type, I’m prone to insomnia. On sleepless nights I ponder philosophical issues and write in my journal. During the day I’m so sleep-deprived that I can’t focus sufficiently to produce a column, so when this happens I publish the only thing I’ve got:…

Trove Web
Have consumption taxes been consumed?

It seems to me that the “easy” targets for various funding needs are the sales tax and the property tax.
Where has all the liquor tax money gone? Where has all the marijuana money gone?

Oppose Padden Creek development

I oppose the proposed double townhouse construction on the edge of Padden Creek Ravine at 1507 and 1508 8th Street in Fairhaven by Langston LLC. This proposal should be denied for the…

Amending watershed goals

Ecology’s review of Whatcom County’s new shoreline regulations for vacation rentals and bed and breakfast units was completed in April. They apparently liked the new rules and only had…

Village Books
Today's Events
Plant Diagnostic Clinic


Local Master Gardeners will be on hand for Plant Diagnostic Clinics from 5-7:30pm at the SkillShare Space at the Bellingham Public Library, 210 Central Ave.  Bring your spring gardening…

Paddling Whatcom County


Learn about some local gems you can explore on day trips and overnight adventures by boat or board at a free “Paddling Whatcom County” presentation at 6pm at REI, 400 36th St. Please register…

Cuban Salsa


Rumba Northwest hosts a “Cuban Salsa for Beginners” class at 6pm at Bell Tower Studios, 1430 N. Garden St. At 7pm, a “Cuban Salsa Advanced” class takes place. Entry to the classes is $8 for…

Cookbook Club


Read, cook and share your dish at a Ferndale Cookbook Club gathering from 6:30-8pm at the Ferndale Library, 2125 Main St. May’s theme is savory baking.  Come ready to discuss the cookbook…

Eating for Adrenal and Hormonal Balance


Registered dietician and nutritionist Selva Wohlgemuth focuses on “Eating for Adrenal and Hormonal Balance” from 6:30-9pm at the Community Food Co-op, 1220 N. Forest St. Attendees can learn…

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